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Stefania Medas
SAGE Digital Studio

Ciao, I'm Stef.
Your digital marketing partner.

My name is Stefania Medas. I'm the creative and data-driven mind behind Sage Digital Studio - a web, design and marketing studio based in Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand.

I bring a unique blend of experiences and insights shaped by my diverse personal and professional journey.

Originally from the gorgeous island of Sardinia (Italy), my journey has taken me to live in five different countries, learn three languages, and embrace different cultures, which have taught me to see things differently, be inspired by everything around me and turn my creativity into my superpower. 

At SAGE, I aim to empower you with impactful digital solutions to help you succeed.

I'm here to help female-led service providers gain and improve visibility online.

Sage Digital Studio is my 'baby', but I also am the web, graphic design, marketing and communication manager for our family business, which operates in the helicopter industry. It's an exciting world, but my heart longed for something different – a space filled with female-hearted, romantic, and feminist vibes.

I bring a unique perspective to my work – one that's friendly, sisterly, and compassionate. I'm here to champion female-led businesses because I understand the unique challenges we face. Sometimes, it feels like the world is set up against us, and we don't always get the help or support we deserve.

At Sage Digital Studio, I'm dedicated to helping you succeed online and be your cheerleader!

mockup of the cover and a couple of pages from the free guide 'Master keywords for website success' written by Stef at SAGE Digital Studio and available for download

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