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Momentum Sessions: 
Fast turnaround 
marketing and design

Don't miss another opportunity.





Say goodbye to waiting for weeks or even months to see your project come to life. No more back-and-forth emails or missed deadlines. Momentum Sessions fast turnaround marketing and design solutions.

Time is precious, especially for women in business. 

As a woman, you're always busy, you wear many hats, and you're juggling a career, a family, and a social life.

You don't have time to learn something new or spend hours on a task that's not your forte. 

Your days are jam-packed with responsibilities, and you often find yourself multitasking like a pro.

Fast turnaround services are so important for you. That's why I've created my Momentum Sessions, designed with busy women in mind.

Momentum Sessions are dedicated half-day or full-day, exclusively focused on your digital needs.

No distractions, no learning curves – just results!

Book a Momentum Session today and get your digital marketing done quickly and efficiently!

Picture this...

It's Wednesday morning. You make yourself a hot drink and sit at your desk (or kitchen table), ready to work on your business. Today, you don't worry about tomorrow's "market day" or "share your freebie" opportunity, or about finding the time to work on that project and move forward…

Today you’re feeling excited because it's YOUR day, it's your Momentum Session, where you have ME and my undivided attention and focus to getting this done for you! 

By the end of the day, you will have the deliverables you've been waiting months for. And you know what? Tomorrow you can show up for your business and take on new opportunities.

You can rely on high-quality, fast turnaround design and marketing services that will help you show up for your business with confidence.

Types of projects we could accomplish in a day

Momentum Session Marketing Intensives are a highly efficient way to get stuff done and ticked off our to-do list.

You can mix and match services that can be accomplished in one day! This is YOUR day, where you will have my undivided attention on your project/s.

For example, we could use the day to add an additional page to a pre-existing website as well as integrate a new sign-up form. Or set up your email sequence in MailerLite. Or design your new lead magnet.

Website Design & Development

This can include the re-design of one or two pages of your existing website or small tweaks across the site. We could also create a new website (in Rocketspark) using a customisable template.

*Please note that a more complex website would likely require two or more intensive days. 

Digital Marketing & Design Services

A great opportunity to focus on keyword research and implementation, or we can focus on a combination of digital marketing and design services. For example,  on-page SEO, and social media page setup with custom header banners, custom graphics, and social media templates for brand consistency. 

Print Marketing Services

Marketing materials are still important.We can focus on designing your new business cards, loyalty cards, menus, brochures, posters, thank you cards, seasonal greeting cards, etc.

Your clients love to receive a card from you and feel acknowledged.

How are Momentum Sessions so effective?

Fast turnaround marketing and design solutions to get you unstuck.

You’ll get my undivided attention for a full day to work solely on your business.

This day is customised to what you need right now.

In order for your day to be the most successful it can be, I’ll need you to be available for decision-making and to provide feedback as I go.

You don't need to be with me the whole day, just be available to promptly reply on WhatsApp.

Momentum Sessions are also an invitation for you to work on your business for the day - imagine how much you could get done!

How it works

One line art drawing representing Stef at SAGE Digital Studio on the phone, for a first complimentary consultation.

Consultation and preparation work

We chat about what you need and book the day (or half-day). I will send you a workbook and a link to a shared folder which will be used to upload all we need to complete the work. 

One line art drawing representing Stef at SAGE Digital Studio working on the client 's project during the Momentum Session.

It's your day!

We start the day with a short call, I turn all my other notifications off and get started on your project/tasks. Depending on the tasks, I will contact you for feedback throughout the day.

One line art drawing representing Stef at SAGE Digital Studio on a zoom call with a client after thethe Momentum Session.

21 days of email support

You can now show up for your business with more confidence! If any doubt or issues arise related to the work done, you will have 21 days of email support from me. 

My services

Website design

Do you need some minor changes to your website? Or is it time for a complete re-design?

I will help you reflect your business essence, align with your goals, and resonate with your ideal clients.

My Momentum Sessions are perfect for quick improvements, while comprehensive and more complex projects will require a different, tailored approach.

Let's chat about your project/s and see what the best option is for you.

Marketing collaterals

Your visual branding can make it or break it. 

Define your visual brand identity with engaging marketing materials (print or digital) that resonate with your audience.

  • Engaging lead magnets to grow your email list

  • Workbooks to guide your clients

  • Presentations for your new workshop

  • Newsletters

  • And more...

Website audit

Are you wondering if your website is working well for you and your business? 

An audit will tell you how smoothly your website runs and how well it’s performing on search engines. I’ll provide you with a clear report of what’s working and what needs improvement. You will receive a video for each page of your website and a written report outlining actionable steps and recommendations. Whether you’re looking to improve loading times, enhance navigation, or improve SEO, a website audit is the first step to take before planning any changes.

Analytics and optimisation

Understanding how your website is performing is key to success.

Google Analytics is an amazing free tool that allows you to track your website's metrics.

This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions to improve your online presence.

Keyword research 

Stay ahead of your competitors by knowing the keywords that most matter to your audience. 

Get seen by those who are actively searching for your services.

If you're new to keywords, you might find my FREE guide 'Master Keywords for Website Success' very helpful. 

Do you have a digital marketing + web design project that's holding you back?

Discover my fast turnaround marketing and design solutions to get unstuck in just 1 Day!

With my Momentum Sessions, you can say goodbye to long waits, numerous back-and-forth emails, or procrastination.

You're going to feel the excitement and satisfaction of seeing progress as your web and graphic design tasks get done right before your eyes. No more missed opportunities, no more waiting around.

Tick your design and marketing projects off your list and get ready for the next opportunity.


It was great that a specific time was set aside for the work

Sage Digital Studio have been excellent to work with. I was able to talk through changes on my website that I had identified whilst being guided by Stef in the changes that she also thought were important especially ‘behind the scenes’. I think it was great that a specific time was set aside for the work so that we both were able to prioritise what needed to be done and then it was completed within an excellent time frame. Thanks very much.

- Alison Schroeder/Socially Speaking (NZ)

Some FAQ's about

Intensive Days

Can I book half-days?


Depending on your project, you won't need a full day.

Some clients also book a half-day session every month for their analytics.

Let's chat about your needs - I'll be able to advise if you need a half or full day.                                           

Do I need to be available?

Yes. My Momentum Sessions are a fast turnaround service that can be completed in time only if we're able to communicate effectively during the session.

You don't need to be on a call with me, but just available to promptly reply to any message I might send you, especially for 2FA or feedback.

How far in advance can I book?

You will have some homework to do, and get all we need ready for the day (images, content, passwords, etc.).

If you have them all ready at the time of our first call, you can book the first day available. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

To secure your Momentum Session, a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking.

What's the investment?

Momentum Sessions can be half or full days, depending on your needs. 

Your investment for a half-day is $597 + GST

The investment for a full day is $1,100 + GST

How can I book the Momentum Session?

Please book a call first. We will chat about your needs and I will be able to advise whether you need a half or a full day.


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